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- GAMOCORP.COM is an online portal providing Internet users with a variety of content services.

- GAMOCORP is a service that allows users to create a shared account for the services provided by the GAMOCORP.COM Portal and the websites to register to become a member of GAMOCORP. Using the GAMOCORP service you do not need to register and login many times with multiple accounts at different sites, and your personal information is managed at a single address.

- Personal Information: is information associated with the identification of an individual's identity, including name, age, address, identity card number, phone number, email address, account User's bank, and some other information as required by law.

- User: is the account holder, legally owns GAMOCORP account.

- ID GAMO: is the account to access to use part or all of GAMOCORP.COM products

Intellectual Property: inventions, innovations, designs, processes, formulas, methods, databases, information, drawings, codes, computer programs, copyrighted works ( current and future), semiconductor integrated circuit design, trademarks, trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) trade name and (design) of commercial packaging. 


- GAMO is a service that allows users to create a shared account for the services provided by the GAMOCORP.COM Portal and the websites to register to become a member of GAMO.

- GAMO portal is aware of the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is very important to users. Thus GAMO commits to maximum protection of user privacy. GAMO uses the information you provide to handle your subscription. All information collected during the processing is transmitted securely and protected by us.

- Membership services of GAMOCORP.COM:

+ General electronic information portal -

+ Payment gateway -



As a member using the GAMO payment gateway service, you are bound to strictly adhere to GAMO principles.

1. The person who registers the account will have to be fully responsible for the activities of the account they own and perform on the system.

2. GAMO does not accept any information that is contrary to the fine traditions, customs, laws, and culture of Vietnam, goes against the lines of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is not allowed to transmit software products. have no or unknown origin of copyright and intellectual property.

3. GAMO can remove the member's content by itself if it does not match the daily content or the rules of GAMO, any personal information when registering will be kept confidential under the terms of GAMO however we will be required to notify the law authorities when necessary.

4. Any acts of vandalism or damage to the system affecting the face of GAMO or the facilities, if detected, will be prosecuted and handled before the law.

5. To meet the needs of the User, GAMOCORP.COM is constantly improving and developing, so the terms specified in the GAMO Terms of Use can be updated at any time. without prior notice to Users. GAMOCORP.COM will clearly announce on the Website, the forum about those changes and additions.

6. In the event that one or more of the terms of this Regulation conflict with the provisions of law, that term will be adjusted to comply with the applicable law, and the rest of the Terms of Use Use remains valid. 


1. User agrees to authorize GAMO to use your exchanged content for the purpose of customer care, announcement of promotions, survey of GAMO products and services promote the development of new services and improve existing ones to meet the wishes and preferences of Users. Includes but is not limited to new services that we may provide in the future.

2. GAMO may retain or disclose your content, including Personal Information, to competent authorities in accordance with the law, or by other legal processes. In the course of operation, for the purposes of maintaining the service and ensuring the interests of users GAMO may transfer your information to third parties in accordance with the provisions of the law without requiring have your prior consent.

3. In the course of using GAMO, if you violate any provisions of this Agreement, we reserve the right, immediately and without prior notice to you, to terminate or delete your account. without any liability to you, and depending on the severity of the violation, we may refuse your registration to use other GAMO services.

4. Any violation of the account holder in the process of using the GAMOCORP.COM portal, GAMO has the right to deprive the account holder of all rights of the account holder in the use of the portal as well as request authorities prosecute you if necessary. 


1. When registering for a GAMO ID account, the User may use part or all of the member services of GAMOCORP.COM.

2. In the process of using the product, Users are allowed to use GAMO's support services specified on the website of each service.

3. User is responsible for keeping account information confidential. If the above information is disclosed in any form, the User must accept arising risks. GAMO will base on the existing information in the account to decide the owner of the account if there is a dispute and GAMO will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

4. User agrees to immediately notify GAMO of any unauthorized use of your account and password or any action of breaking the security system. You also ensure that you always exit your account after each use.

5. When you discover errors of GAMOCORP.COM, please notify us via the website or fan page of the service.

6. Users must strictly comply with the regulations on prohibited acts, the content of information exchanges specified in this policy. If you commit one or more acts, depending on the violation, GAMO will permanently lock your account, take away all your rights to GAMO products, and will require the authorities to prosecute you. law if necessary.

7. Exercise other rights and responsibilities in accordance with the law.

8. If any GAMO ID account takes advantage of GAMO's existing payment methods to load services outside of GAMO's provided system, it will be permanently locked, the use case for unauthorized services and Prohibitions will be sent to the police for handling in accordance with the law. 



1. During the process of using the product, if you violate any of the terms in the regulations on using the GAMO ID and the Regulations on providing this information exchange or the agreement on using other GAMO products as set forth above website, we reserve the right to terminate, delete your account without your consent and not be liable to you.

2. Any violation of the account holder in the process of using GAMO products, GAMO has the right to strip all of the account holder's rights over the use of GAMO products as well as request the authorities prosecute you if necessary.

3. When detecting violations such as using cheats, hacks, or other errors, GAMO has the right to use the information you provided when registering for the account to transfer to the authorities for settlement in accordance with the regulations of law.

4. To be responsible for supporting the account holder in the process of using GAMO products.

5. Receiving and settling customer complaints about cases arising in the process of using GAMO products, however, GAMO only supports, receives, and resolves fully informed and honest registered accounts. and exactly.

6. Responsible for protecting the personal information of the account holder, GAMO does not sell or exchange this information with a third party, except in accordance with the law or accepted by the account holder.

7. The GAMO account registered within the past 6 months, up to this point, if not logged into the game, data will be deleted. 


1. GAMO will not be responsible for any system problems while you use the product.

2. If risks arise, damage in case of force majeure includes but is not limited to electric short, damage to hardware, software, internet transmission failure or natural disaster, etc. the user must accept the risks and damages if any. GAMO commits to make every effort to minimize the arising risks and damages, but GAMO will not bear any responsibility arising in these cases.

3. GAMO is not responsible for all your transactions with third parties during the process of using GAMO products. When you use products and/or deal with third parties, you understand and agree to be solely responsible for the risks incurred. 


1. The registration process for the GAMO ID account only requires a valid Email address, a non-duplicate user ID (user ID), and a password. The provision of other information to GAMO or not is at the discretion of the User. However, GAMO only accepts and assists in resolving disputes in case you provide complete and accurate information according to the provisions of this agreement. You agree that the user ID, Email, or the information you provide may appear on the website - the GAMO product.

2. GAMO may use User Personal Information for the purpose of customer care, announcing promotional information, surveying GAMO products and services, promoting and developing new services. and to improve existing services that meet the User's wishes and preferences.

3. GAMO is not responsible for all your transactions with third parties during the process of using GAMO products. When you use products and/or deal with third parties, you understand and agree to be solely responsible for the risks incurred.

4. GAMO always tries to meet the data standards in its privacy policy, but GAMO is not obliged to guarantee those standards. There may be factors beyond GAMO's control leading to the Data disclosure. Therefore, GAMO is not responsible for ensuring Data is always maintained in perfect condition or not disclosed.

5. All personal information of the User will be kept confidential by us, not disclosed. GAMO does not sell or exchange this information with any other third party except as provided in this Agreement.

6. During the use of GAMOCORP.COM, the User agrees to receive all notices from GAMO relating to products and services via email, postal mail, or phone of the User.

7. GAMO has the right to lock out the accounts of fraudulent Users or for the purpose of appropriating the virtual property of other Users during the process of using the service provided by GAMO.

8. Data use and protection policy for Facebook accounts

- The company will collect certain information from the user as set forth below through the user's use of the service or access to the company's website. The company will make every effort to provide users with services that are increasingly relevant and relevant to their purposes and needs for using the services. The company will use care and standards to protect the user's information.

- By using the service or visiting the company's website, each user agrees and permits the company to collect information from such users in an appropriate manner and agrees to allow the company to use such information. The company reserves the right to use the collected information for any purpose, including but not limited to storing user information, statistics, analyzing user habits to improve the service, and upgrading the delivery method. If the user wishes to discontinue use of the service and stop linking it to previously registered platforms, the user may request that the company disable or delete the account and delete personal information at any time by contacting support directly at

 Furthermore, users can contact via if they have any problems at

- The company values security and has taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of its customers. To ensure the best security for users' information, the company will use its technical and resource capabilities, as well as collaborate with other third-party service providers.

 - How to manage or remove your information when using the Facebook login application on our site?

Procedure: Access Settings, select Apps and websites, a list of apps that you have connected, select Remove for the apps you no longer want to connect with.


1. Principle of handling violations: If Users violate this Agreement, depending on the severity of the violation, GAMO will unilaterally and fully decide on the following appropriate form of handling:

Lock the GAMO account for a period or permanently.

Remove all of the User's rights associated with GAMOCORP.COM

2. Dispute and complaint settlement.

Any disputes arising during the use of GAMO use will be resolved in accordance with the current laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Any claims arising during the use of GAMOCORP.COM must be sent to GAMO immediately after the event that the claim occurred:

Contact address:

GAMO Branch Office in Cambodia

១២ជាន់ទី៦, ៣៤៨, Phum 4, Tuol Svay Prey Muoy, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, 12308, Cambodia.

3. GAMO will base on each specific case to have a suitable solution. When exercising the right to complain, the complainant is obliged to provide papers, evidence, and grounds related to the complaint and must take responsibility for complaint contents, papers, evidence, and grounds. provided by me in accordance with the law.

4. GAMO only supports and resolves the User's complaints and denunciations in case the User has fully, truthfully, and accurately recorded the information when registering an account.

5. For disputes between Users GAMOCORP.COM and each other, GAMO may send contact information to the disputing parties for resolution by the parties or GAMO will base on the actual situation to resolve. . Accordingly, GAMO will protect the maximum possible rights and interests of legal and legitimate Users.

6. The User agrees to protect, reimburse, and exclude GAMO from legal obligations, proceedings, losses, expenses including but not limited to legal fees, attorneys 'fees, consultants' fees. in connection with the resolution or arising from the User's violation during the use of GAMOCORP.COM.

7. The decision of the GAMO board of directors is the final one.


1. The terms specified in this Agreement are set forth on the website and can be updated and modified at any time without prior notice to the User. GAMO will clearly announce on the Website, the fan page about those changes and additions.

2. In the event that one or more of the terms of the Agreement on provision and use of this online portal GAMOCORP.COM conflict with the provisions of the laws of Vietnam, such terms will be adjusted accordingly. Under current law, the remainder of the Agreement remains valid.

3. Information storage time

- Members' personal data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or self-login member and perform cancellation. Remaining in all cases personal information of members will be kept confidential on the servers of GAMOCORP.COM.

4. The Agreement to provide and use the online portal GAMOCORP.COM is valid from January 1, 2020.

GAMO Board of Directors