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Direct Payment

Dear customers!

 First, for the convenience of payment, you should delete the cache (history) of your web browser.

 The direct GAMO payment channel is convenient and ensures customers benefits with 100% exchange rate incentives at the same time. In this article, the Management will guide you 5 steps to understand the operations when loading GAMO by paying directly.


Step 1:

 Go to and select "Recharge Wallet" in the homepage. Next, in "Select information", please click on "Direct Deposit".



Log in to and select “Recharge Wallet”.


Or choose any game from the homepage, click on the (+) sign right after your GAMO balance. 




 Next, choose the recharge method "Direct Deposit" and then click "NEXT".



After selecting “NEXT”, customers who have logged in before will immediately come to the Direct Payment interface immediately. For customers who have not logged in, the login interface will appear, customers need to log in before they can continue.




Step 2:


At the Direct Payment interface, please complete the required information as follows:






1. Choose the money to recharge: The amount of money that customers will pay after registering to recharge GAMO by Direct Payment.


2. Enter phone number: is the phone number of yours that our staff will directly contact and support after registering Direct Payment.


Note: Please update your personal phone number accurately to avoid the case that the staff cannot contact you to support you when something goes wrong.


3. Select the payment bank: This is a bank branch that customers want to use for transactions.


Note: GAMO currently only provides payment via ABA Bank.






 Step 3:


After confirming the payment, the system will send you account information about the bank of the NPH including Account Holder, Account Number, Bank, Branch.

Those customers recharge to the account is sent by the system and write the transfer content clearly as: ID GAMO_phone number.



 Step 4:


Wait for confirmation from the Support Staff. After the Support Staff confirms that you have added GAMO to GAMO Wallet - through the direct payment channel. Then, you take the last step to check whether GAMO has entered your GAMO ID account or not? Is the GAMO number added to the Wallet the same as the value that you transferred?


Step 5:


Visit again, log in to your account and check the GAMO balance, see more in transaction history.


We wish you will experience the Safe - Economical - Fast service.



If you have any questions about the direct payment channel, please contact: